Pho in St Leonards

There is an unassuming cafe in the lobby of a Sydney office building. It’s at 33 Herbert street, St Leonards, if you are ever in the neighbourhood. The place is called Phoodle. Almost every lunch hour the little place is packed with people. It’s because their pho is the best in the business. Topped with […]


Came across this piece at MONA last year. It reminded me of an old painting of an artist studio. It was unusual for many reasons. For me, it was because the artist in the installation was human. Instead of a static piece of work, I soon discovered I was viewing a type of performance art. In […]


There was a young man who invented a game. He was an Aboriginal man who wanted to explain what it felt like to be an Aboriginal person in this country. The game took you through a history of his people and every day situations we would never come across. Every time something good happened, the […]


I met a young man on a trip to Canberra. A fellow passenger on a bus, he told me he was from Aleppo, Syria. He asked me to guess his age. I picked 22. He was 17. He came Australia ten months ago, but his English was already fluent. We avoided talking about the war, […]