Wonderfully delicious dumplings, all for me!

Felt utterly decadent that Saturday. I had a craving for dim sum and headed into Chinatown to eat all four dishes by myself! Not to mention a mango pudding dessert.🍨 Washed all the beautiful goodness down with chrysanthemum tea. Delicious! Life feels pretty good after a great meal… For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Is being teased for an “ethnic” school lunch a thing of the past?

A young boy is sitting behind a plate of food. He has the cutest grin! Photo was taken by Jon Haley on Unsplash The following story came up on my social media feed. And encouraged me to post the following response elsewhere. https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/voices/culture/article/2021/02/12/ethnic-lunchbox-shame-finally-thing-past This made me a little emotional. Growing up in regional Australia where... Continue Reading →

Summertime and sweet strawberries for us

Summertime in the UK means juicy and delicious strawberries. Big, red and soft, strawberries here actually taste like they smell — sweet. They will forever remind me of warm sunshine and cool summers in London. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Cooking up a Korean feast soon

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked for friends. Even longer since I’ve cooked Korean. Usually it’s my husband who cooks for guests. But this time he asked if I could cook a few Korean dishes. I have planned my menu. Japchae (noodles). Bulgogi (marinated bbq beef and pork). Dakjjim (chicken stew). The thing about... Continue Reading →


For this week’s dip into the old Daily Post Photo Challenge archive, Krista highlights the word “Twist”. From the unexpected to the surprising, she says it is full of meaning. I turn to my husband and ask, “What’s the first thing you think of when I say twist?” “Ice cream,” he says. It was a... Continue Reading →


My daily cup of coffee. It’s a difficult habit to break. I enjoy it so much, I’m not sure I want to! 😁 For Becky’s January #SquareUp and the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #141: Habit

Light up the night

This is Spice Alley a few years ago. It's a tiny strip in Chippendale, Sydney full of restaurants and take away places. On warm summer nights we'd make our way into the city to go to one of our favourite restaurants near there and eat ourselves silly. For Becky’s January #SquareUp

A cup of tea with lemon and sugar

I didn’t know people drank tea with lemon in England. I always thought lemon tea was a Southeast Asian thing. We used to have it strong and cold in Singapore with a good dash of sugar syrup. This tea was hot with a hint of lemon. For Becky’s January #SquareUp

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