The lunch

I was recovering from a cold earlier this month. I had gone into work but discovered my body wasn't ready to get back to it. Wilting fast, I drove to the doctors and ducked into a Malaysian place for lunch. I ordered and tried not to hack up a lung as I waited for the... Continue Reading →

Those Jelly Drops

This story comes from the UK. By now it's probably done the rounds. But I wanted to collect this one. Lewis Hornby just made life a whole lot easier for seniors living with dementia by taking the time to understand them. The London based student wanted to help his own grandmother who was living with the... Continue Reading →

Syrian Almonds in Sydney

There is a small, 40 seat restaurant in Darlinghurst. Opened by two sisters, Carol and Sharon Salloum, the place has delighted Sydney-siders for more than ten years with delicious Syrian food. Called the Almond Bar, the sisters wanted to showcase Middle Eastern cuisine and change perceptions of what it had to offer through their restaurant.... Continue Reading →


It's a lemon meringue pie! The white top layer is sugared egg whites that covers a tart lemon curd base underneath. This one came with a sprinkle of dried raspberries. My son ordered it a few days ago and proceeded to demolish the sweet white topping before starting on the sour base. I would have... Continue Reading →

The Welcome Dinner Project

I went to an interesting lunch many years ago. It was held at a small local community centre. I took a plate of food and shared it with the people who came. It was the first time I participated and I was a little shy. Known as the Welcome Dinner Project, the lunch was run... Continue Reading →

Variations on a theme

I cook most nights. When I am tired my go-to meal isn't bulgogi or sausages, but pasta. I have a lovely Italian friend who has given me one or two recipe tips over the years. And I have appreciated them, and our friendship. The image was taken on our kitchen bench and edited with Hipstamatic.... Continue Reading →

The Gormanston Road Store

Last year, like countless others around the country, Tasmanian resident Kirsten Singleton took a risk and bought a small business. It was a fast food shop in the working class suburb of Moonah. But this wasn't going to be another hamburger and hot chips joint. This takeaway shop was going to serve up a future to... Continue Reading →


We are waiting for his father to finish work. It's a Friday night and we're treating ourselves to a cheap meal out. We're both in the car outside his workplace, but his father is taking ages to leave the building. I'm bored. He's bored. I turn to to our son and ask him the first... Continue Reading →

Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream

It's early Sunday evening. We just spent the morning at church and the afternoon with friends enjoying lunch together. The child is playing hide and seek outside with our next door neighbours and the husband is taking a nap. It's just me in the living room with the computer and the internet. The sun had... Continue Reading →


Kimchi. You cannot claim to be Korean if you don't know what it is. It's a side dish that is in every Korean home and restaurant. Its history dates back thousands of years to the time of the Three Kingdoms. Although, they say it found its spiciness relatively recently in the 17th century. Portuguese traders... Continue Reading →

Ooh, shiny!

Look! It's ice cream! With fairy floss and popping candy! Yay! I am a bit of a sweet tooth. I get easily distracted by gorgeous cakes and ice creams. And I love looking at colourful gelato displays as much as tasting the flavours. The image was taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic. via... Continue Reading →

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