Self portrait

“Mum I think it’s the hair that’s making you look old…” my son commented today. “I am getting old. I don’t think it’s the hair that’s making me look old,”

Fading afternoon light

A memory of a far away park on a sunny afternoon. It was just opposite our home in Sydney. An ordinary park with brown dry grass in summer and tall

I taught him to cook bulgogi

It was a class competition. Students could volunteer to cook a dish from another culture. I was thrilled when our son came home and asked if there was a Korean

A sunlit evening

This really is a glorious place when the sun shines. I can feel my mood lifting as summer draws near. I still miss Sydney from time to time. But not


We had guests over to our new place for a BBQ this week. We were all Covid safe and sitting outside in our new garden as per Government regulations. We