Flower of the Day

It was raining in London today. I trudged along its wet streets to post some birthday gifts for family back in Australia and New York. When I came home sodden

On top

On the top of my “must read” list is this book — Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It’s been recommended by a lot of friends, but the length of the


Right in the middle of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh is this monument. It’s a statue of Scottish economist Adam Smith, also known as the father of capitalism. I remember

Street Life

Edinburgh street life. He was playing his heart out on a beautiful sunny Scottish day at the start of the Royal Mile. In a photo specifically for this challenge Cheri


Sitting under a tree in Central Park, New York. It is an old memory. The city was so overwhelming. I just needed some time to pause and reflect. I didn’t


So much of life happens on the inside. Or so an old Daily Post Photo Challenge post tells me. This is our boy. Inside our home on a bright sunny


Looking up at a tree in full bloom on our street. The old Daily Post Photo Challenge from 7 March 2014 was on perspective. There were some interesting tips there