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  • Need new glasses. I’m getting old.

    Went and got my eyes tested this morning. It’s already been almost two years since my last eye test. I thought I was fine. But it seems my eyesight had other ideas. I suppose I can’t stop the passage of time. Even if I try hard not to think about it. For Debbie’s Six Word…

  • Conversation on a train

    Just a short post this morning. I am heading out to the seaside town of Worthing from London to interview a supporter for work. On the way there I saw a Hindu woman chatting warmly with her Muslim friend. They talked about family. About food. About cooking. All the things that they love and share.…

  • Heading out to Camden Town today

    I am meeting an old friend at Camden station this morning. It’s a wet day. But I’m hoping the rain clears by the time we meet. We’re going to wander the market and see what treasures we can find. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

  • Lessons from a winter sleep out

    Sometimes you know things to be true in your head. But it’s different when you experience it. Even just a tiny taste of it. I participated in a fundraising event last night. A group of us slept out in a park next to a shelter for people experiencing homelessness to raise funds and awareness for…

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