For the Joy: 21 missionary mothers tell their story

For the Joy came in the mail two weeks ago. A friend, Miriam Chan, who once took me on a mission trip to Thailand, compiled 21 stories from Australian missionary mothers about their experiences “on the field” with co-editor Sophia Russell and published a book. “It took four years,” Miriam tells me over the phone. After receiving rejection […]

What I’d say to a room full of pastors determined to preach the Gospel

Thank you. That’s what I’d say. It mustn’t be easy being in the hot seat. To feel the weight of responsibility to preach the Gospel. To make a public stand for God. Only to be torn down by Christians and non-Christians alike. In a world where there is opposition to the message of love and […]

“love your enemies and do good unto those that would despitefully use you”

He was 12 years old when he started drinking. Kicked out of school, they say he was on the way to being an alcoholic by the time he was 15. At the age of 29, plagued by the bottle and unable to break free, he found himself at a church in La Perouse, listening to a […]