Food! Glorious food!

I've been cooking more for the family since we moved to London from Sydney. We signed ourselves up to a weekly meal kit that arrives with all the ingredients. Once a week a box full of fresh vegetables, spices and meats arrive at our door step. All I need to do is follow the cooking... Continue Reading →

Mint and rosewater tea

I’m joining Su for some tea. You are most welcome to join us! The image was taken in happier times. Before all the restaurants emptied of people. I cannot wait for all this to be over and normal life to resume. In the meantime, here is some mint and rosewater tea. Delicious with hummus and... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #9

26 February 2020 A new bakery opened in our neighbourhood! Fresh baked bread for all who can afford it. The smell was delicious. Our son also finally got his hands on a cello today. Hurrah! We are hiring it from his school. There was a time when they didn't have any and we were desperately... Continue Reading →

Memories of a long gone cafe

It is a three year old memory now. This cafe doesn’t exist any more. New owners came in and soon turned it into a chic modern place with white walls and dark grey accents. I’m glad I took the photo. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday


Round and round and through the flying noodle! We were treated to some kitchen theatre one cold winter evening. The noodles were delicious too! Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #58: Through

Waiting for the festival to start

Taken today! My son and I caught up with some friends and headed to the Bastille Festival in the Rocks. It was a celebration of all things French! Mulled wine on a sunny winter day! For Debbie's Six Word Saturday.

Blog post done. Hello sponge cake!

I enjoy writing. But life often gets in the way. I took the day off work to run some errands and was happy to find time to blog. I also love eating. So I had a good day! For Debbie's Six Word Saturday!

The dessert is called a Pavlova

Or a "Pav". It is a meringue-based dessert topped with whipped cream and fruit that is almost Australia's national dish. Although New Zealanders would like to claim it was invented in their country first. The dessert was created in honour of the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova, when she toured Australia and New Zealand in the... Continue Reading →

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