More than 150,000 vehicles cross this bridge every day. Also known as the coat hanger, it links north Sydney to the city centre.

I live on the north side of this city. There are days when I cross this bridge without much thought. And then there are times when I’m returning from a long day or a holiday away, I can’t wait to see this view. It means I’m nearly there. I’m almost home.

The bridge was completed in 1932. They say it took eight years to build. At the official opening some guy on a horse rode across and ripped through the ribbon that was to be cut by the then Labor Premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang. His name was Francis de Groot. A member of the right wing New Guard, they say he was protesting against Lang’s left leaning policies. The world hasn’t changed much.

This is another view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the forecourt of the Opera House. Both the images were taken on my phone and edited on Hipstamatic.

Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Bridge

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