Hello and welcome.

My name is Agnes. I’m a wife, mother and sometimes reluctant traveller. Like most of us, I have collected memories and stories during my times around the sun. His. Hers. Mine. I think I’m trying to capture them here before they disappear.

The blog began the night our family almost went overseas to live. It was like packing my suitcase full of memories from the country I’ve known the longest. I wanted a way to take my life here with me as I travelled across the globe and add new experiences as we came across them.

Well, it now looks like our little family is off on another adventure. In a few weeks we will be packing our bags and heading half way across the world to London. My husband has accepted a job over there and will be taking us with him.

There are things that I will desperately miss about Sydney, especially the people I know and love, but I am looking forward to blogging new experiences and capturing more memories in a new place far from home.

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  1. Your blog’s great. Don’t know if you’ll see this in time…but I noticed that you were featured on WordPress Discover. My latest post will be featured on Discover this Saturday. Is there anything you did to prepare? I don’t have time for a total site redesign, but I wonder if I should make tweaks beforehand. Your site looks great–clean but easy to use. I look forward to seeing more!

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    1. Congratulations!! What wonderful news! I wrote a little more on my About page to give people an idea of how the blog started. I think I also found a new theme for the website. And I think that was about it. I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the experience!

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