A weekend in Nantes, Brittany

They say there was a particularly progressive law that came from this part of France in 1598. Called the Edict of Nantes, it allowed unheard of religious freedoms to the Protestant minority living in Catholic France at the time. It was a law that upheld their rights and allowed them to live by their faith.... Continue Reading →

The Lennon Wall, Prague

We didn’t set out to visit the Lennon wall. We just sort of found it while we were exploring that part of the city. It was our third and last day in Prague. Our son wanted to spend some time in Lesser Town (or the Small Quarter) beneath Prague Castle to simply take in the... Continue Reading →

These shoes were made for walking

Our Air B&B was in the west end of Edinburgh. About a 20 - 30 minute walk away from the main tourist attractions. It was still a beautiful, and quiet, part of the city. But our legs ached when we returned after a good day of walking. I was incredibly thankful for my sturdy and... Continue Reading →

A London Walk On My Day Off

So, I'm on annual leave. I wasted a couple of days just mooching around at home doing nothing much. But today was going to be different. It was a sunny morning. I had London before me to explore. I had no firm idea where to go until I started walking towards the station. It felt... Continue Reading →


Those who follow Project 2020 will recognise this image. The picture was taken one Sunday a few weeks ago. The old Daily Prompt asked us to look at focus. So I had fun giving these flowers a new filter using Hipstamatic. The “true” image taken on my phone, warts and all, is below. Via the... Continue Reading →


This is my first entry for Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Number One! This is me at forty-something. Greying hair. Glasses. Trying to get that selfie angle to disguise a double chin for vanity. We were in the middle of Dartmoor in Devon. Climbing its hills that seemed to roll on forever. It was a windy,... Continue Reading →

left behind

They walk so quickly. My husband and son zoom off. They hardly wait or look back at me walking behind them. Their long legs carry them farther than my short ones struggling to keep up. They have their pace and I have mine. I wish I could say it doesn't bother me. But it does.... Continue Reading →

An afternoon walk around London

Our family walked around London last weekend. There was no particular reason for the walk. Just a desire to explore this massive, ancient city. It is difficult to believe this incredible place has now become our stomping ground for a while. A simple train ride takes us into the heart of a vibrant, modern city... Continue Reading →

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