A weekend in Nantes, Brittany

They say there was a particularly progressive law that came from this part of France in 1598. Called the Edict of Nantes, it allowed unheard of religious freedoms to the Protestant minority living in Catholic France at the time. It was a law that upheld their rights and allowed them to live by their faith. […]

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On the Flight from Prague

To the young man behind me on the flight to London from Prague, Hello my friend. I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation with that young woman next to you. You say you’re from Prague and ask where she is from. She says she’s from Newcastle, not London. She’s polite and friendly, but is a little […]

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An odd little duck

Some may say a duck in uniform is a little odd. But we think he’s charming. Spotted the soldier in Edinburgh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 We were walking along the Royal Mile when my husband stopped at a shop window and pointed him out. He’s been ours ever since. For Becky’s Odd Squares Challenge

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My tree

If I had to describe myself as a tree, it’ll have to be these cherry blossom trees in London. They’re migrants. Just like me. Planted far from home and thriving in their new environment. For bloganuary. Describe yourself as a tree.

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Flower of the day

It’s an old memory from Australia. There were orchids outside my in-laws’ caravan. The image was taken on the phone and edited using Hipstamatic. It’s for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

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Here’s to 2022

Before the new year gets too old, I just wanted to thank you all for sticking around. I’ve really appreciated your thoughtful comments and interest throughout the crazy year that was 2021. Nomad online is in its sixth year now. It had a bit of a wobbly time towards the end of last year, but […]

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Goodbye Comfort Zone

The last time I left my comfort zone had to be on that flight out of Australia. My son and I were headed to London to meet my husband, his father, who was waiting for us there. We were going to live there for a while. It wasn’t the first time I’ve moved countries. But […]

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Melbourne Road Trips

I’m not a fan of road trips. Before the time of GPS, they were fraught with stress and tension as we tried to navigate where we were going. Then there is the boredom as the wide expanse of the Australian countryside pass us by. We’d listen to music, eat some snacks and sweets as we […]

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