Unexpected snowfall

The heavens opened up and down came the snow! The weather report had been saying it was going to snow for a couple of days. But it had been wrong before. I didn’t believe it. So it was an unexpected delight when we saw flecks of snow falling from the sky. Lightly at first, then […]

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My daily cup of coffee. It’s a difficult habit to break. I enjoy it so much, I’m not sure I want to! 😁 For Becky’s January #SquareUp and the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #141: Habit

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This was a light bright pink room at a Tim Walker exhibition. It’s interesting how a dark filter can change its mood. The image was taken on my phone and edited for atmosphere. The old Daily Post Photo Challenge #140 asked us to post something Eerie. The stairs in the image are for Becky’s January […]

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Rising up over the horizon

The sun coming up over the horizon. I was hoping to see a beautiful dawn break over the city where I spent most of my childhood and young adult years. But there was too much cloud cover that morning. For Becky’s January #SquareUp and the Daily Post Photo Challenge #139: Horizon

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All dressed up

And no place to go. Damn you COVID. Bring on the vaccine! For Becky’s January #SquareUp. It’s also for my travels through the old Daily Post Photo Challenges. This would be, if I haven’t got muddled somewhere, #138: The hue of you I love the colour red. There is something so vibrant about it.

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Saddle and stirrups

There were many good things about growing up in Tasmania. One of them was horse riding. We’d travel 30 minutes from Hobart and would be in the country. And for about an hour or two we’d be out in the fresh air, learning how to ride. I think I was in grade four or five. […]

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Light up the night

This is Spice Alley a few years ago. It’s a tiny strip in Chippendale, Sydney full of restaurants and take away places. On warm summer nights we’d make our way into the city to go to one of our favourite restaurants near there and eat ourselves silly. For Becky’s January #SquareUp

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