We had guests over to our new place for a BBQ this week. We were all Covid safe and sitting outside in our new garden as per Government regulations. We used this object as inspiration for the food! Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #152: Object

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Hard to focus

The rain on the window makes it hard to focus on the street outside. After days of glorious sunshine, the rain came today. They say it will stay for the week. It should make me more focussed on life inside our small flat. But I find my mind wandering to better days and bluer skies. […]

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Springtime and freedom

This old friend has been my favourite perfume for a while. I came across it in Seoul in the 1990s. I was spending my holiday studying Korean at Seoul University at the time. A class friend was chatting to us in the break and I noticed a fresh sweetness from her. She told me it […]

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Project 2020: Week #7

Spring is almost here! The tree next door must be feeling the change. It is starting to bloom. It has been for a little while. Leaving my husband and son at home, I headed out the door for a quick walk around Wimbledon. It was nice to get out of the house for an hour […]

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