Remembrance Sunday 2022

The poppy I forgot to wear to church this morning It was a beautiful autumn day. Mild and sunlit. I walked out of our local coffee shop after my morning coffee and breakfast muffin to catch the local parade. Service men and women marched alongside school children and old veterans. A few people clapped their... Continue Reading →

Time to do what good we can

We looked on in horror as the might of the Russian army rolled into a sovereign nation only two weeks ago; as gunfire rang out and bombs dropped in cities like Kyiv, Sumy and Mariupol. We felt powerless as Ukrainians threw themselves under armoured cars and tanks; as ordinary people started to take up arms... Continue Reading →


Taken in more peaceful times. The image was shared previously. But I thought it was appropriate to share again. Thank you for the inspiration Carol.

Taking a short time out

Hello everyone. I have been struggling with words lately. A fog seems to have descended on my brain and I’ve been frustrated with the slow churn of ideas. This is me a couple of days ago -- sitting under a tree watching the world go by. After struggling with the blinking cursor on my computer... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2020

Featured image by Jamie Davies on Unsplash This was not the Christmas we were expecting when we moved to London. About a week ago the Government announced that London would move into Tier 4 lockdown. Meeting people is restricted, non-essential shops and restaurants are closed again. We are all housebound except to exercise or buy groceries. We were... Continue Reading →


T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #133: Inside

Project 2020: Week #43

21 October 2020 Wednesday. A rainy grey London day. Perfect for hot cups of coffee. Or tea! 22 October 2020 Thursday. Made it out today. It was in the morning before work. We’d run out of dishwashing liquid, so I went to our local store. Took a photo of the leaves turning in our street,... Continue Reading →

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