My Playlist

Oh no! I have no music playlist! I came across this one on Spotify in my attempt to post something for today’s bloganuary challenge. But while the music sounds terrific, I have no idea who most of the artists are! If I did have a playlist, maybe I’ll have a bit of Jack Johnson, George […]

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Our son passed his cello exam

We were thrilled. I threw my arms around him and jumped up and down shouting “Yaaaaaaaaay”. He only had about 8 weeks notice. And had about four sessions with his amazing piano accompanist in the last two weeks. There were timing issues and he was squeaking a bit in places. Our hearts sank when he […]

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Waiting for the music

The double bass he played has gone. He has been concentrating on his cello since he started high school. Our son said he liked it better. It took about a term and a half for us to hire a cello from his new school. It was a touch big for him when he started. I […]

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Here we go…!

Here we go again. I thought I had left that nomadic life behind me. I thought I had finally settled. I married, had a son and made this country my home. I was ready to put down roots. I didn’t expect my husband to say he wanted to move. I didn’t expect he’d one day […]

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I went to a combined public school music concert last week. Our son was playing the cello this time. Not the double bass. At the final day of rehearsal, our boy forgot to take his instrument to school. He said he had to sit there and just listen. We were both a little nervous on […]

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