My tree

If I had to describe myself as a tree, it’ll have to be these cherry blossom trees in London. They’re migrants. Just like me. Planted far from home and thriving in their new environment. For bloganuary. Describe yourself as a tree.

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This is my first entry for Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Number One! This is me at forty-something. Greying hair. Glasses. Trying to get that selfie angle to disguise a double chin for vanity. We were in the middle of Dartmoor in Devon. Climbing its hills that seemed to roll on forever. It was a windy, […]

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Project 2020: Week #3

Today a station billboard asked me where I felt at home. I was rushing and didn’t see the gigantic thing. The doors of this particular train to our neighbourhood can close any minute and you never know when your minute is up. I sat down on the nearest seat when we reached the carriage and […]

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For those who have been following Nomad for a while would know the special place these trees have in my heart. They are called Jacarandas and they start blooming in Sydney about November. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #76: Purple

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Here we go…!

Here we go again. I thought I had left that nomadic life behind me. I thought I had finally settled. I married, had a son and made this country my home. I was ready to put down roots. I didn’t expect my husband to say he wanted to move. I didn’t expect he’d one day […]

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Strong women

It takes courage to do something different. To step outside what your family or your community expect of you. Tonight I saw a play about a woman who is defying her community to carve out a safe space for Afghan women. Her name is Maryam and for about an hour I sat there, in a […]

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Out of my comfort zone

I was asked recently to share my experience of volunteering. And it led me to this post. I have never been politically active. I was always happy to stay in my lane. But when the Government cut Support Services to people who had no country, no home, traumatised by conflict and persecution, my heart broke. […]

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Korean ginseng from Tasmania

It’s called Insam in Korea. A herb so valuable they say battles have been fought over the land on which it grows. Asian ginseng has been found in Korea, northeastern China and far eastern Siberia for centuries. But, thanks to a German-born Australian, Ziggy Pyka, it is now being grown on the other side of […]

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