Self portrait

“Mum I think it’s the hair that’s making you look old...” my son commented today. “I am getting old. I don’t think it’s the hair that’s making me look old,” I responded. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #153: Selfie

Note to self

Dear Aggie, I've jotted down a few helpful tips to keep you in good stead for the next few years. You've survived the past few decades with some drama and a lot of love. And I thought it was time to remind you of some lessons you've learned along the way. 1. If you eat... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #1

31 December 2019 They have poetry on their trains here. This one accompanied us home on New Year's Eve. We tried to see in 2020 at Westminster. But we changed our minds when we saw fresh vomit on the roads and rowdy people who had a bit too much to drink. I knew it was... Continue Reading →

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