One fine ordinary day

Ordinary. My ideal day looks like any other ordinary day. Preferably a Saturday. Back in Australia it started with a sunrise walk by the beach with friends. They did it for exercise. I really did it for the amazing light, their company and the açai bowl waiting for me at the end. We talk and... Continue Reading →


Relic: an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest. These stone heads were found at the V&A museum, London. For the old Daily Post Photo Challenge 11 July 2014: Relic

A walk to remember

It was Saturday. We hurried our reluctant teenage son out the door to go for a guided walk through London. The tour wasn't about the history of the magnificent buildings or well known events, but about the Christian men and women who lived and worked in this great city, centuries before us, who ended up... Continue Reading →

Sculpture from the past

Found at the British Museum. I think this is the bust of Ramesses II. It was a shock to see he once existed. This was the pharaoh who saw Moses lead God’s people out of Egypt. For Becky’s Past Squares for October. Image taken on my phone and edited using Hipstamatic.

There lies Elizabeth I

Some say under her rule, England became an empire on which the sun never set. In 1580, Francis Drake is the first English man to circumnavigate the world. Five years later, Sir Walter Raleigh sets up a colony on the east coast of North America. He names it Virginia after Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen”.... Continue Reading →

Saw ancient things at the museum

Now this is a place my son loves to visit. There were a couple of exhibitions on at the British Museum, but he preferred to look at the permanent display. We wandered through rooms with artefacts from ancient civilisations. Marvelled at the fact people could achieve so much without modern technology. Enjoyed watching our son... Continue Reading →

Our first year in England

Saying Goodbye Hobart, Tasmania. Where I grew up. It was hot back in Sydney. My son and I had just arrived after spending some time in Hobart. The smell of burnt gum trees was strong as we walked to our friends’ home with our travel bags. I could feel the heat baked into the pavement... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #4

22 January 2020 Alone again today. Our boy went to school and my husband to work. Instead of spending the time quietly at home, I downloaded an audio tour app on my phone and headed out to traipse around London's West End theatre district. It was great fun! Ian McKellen guided me through narrow streets... Continue Reading →

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