Farewell, Queen Elizabeth II

It was a rainy day in London today with sudden bursts of sunshine. I was working from home when my colleague informed us that the Queen was gravely ill. I turned on the TV and realised that the BBC had stopped broadcasting its usual programs and was now continuously covering the story. It started as... Continue Reading →

Time machine

I’d like to know how to slow time down. Not forever. Just for a little while. Enough to remember the last time he held my hand when we crossed the street. The last time he fell asleep in my arms. The last time I solved all his problems with a hug and a soft kiss... Continue Reading →

Here we go…!

Here we go again. I thought I had left that nomadic life behind me. I thought I had finally settled. I married, had a son and made this country my home. I was ready to put down roots. I didn't expect my husband to say he wanted to move. I didn't expect he'd one day... Continue Reading →

So he’s leaving…

My husband has got a job overseas. He will be leaving for three months to work on the news. When conflict and its aftermath hits, when politics shift in a certain direction, my husband will be there to capture those stories and tell the rest of the world. It's been an opportunity he's been seeking... Continue Reading →

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