A weekend in Nantes, Brittany

They say there was a particularly progressive law that came from this part of France in 1598. Called the Edict of Nantes, it allowed unheard of religious freedoms to the Protestant minority living in Catholic France at the time. It was a law that upheld their rights and allowed them to live by their faith. […]

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Self portrait

“Mum I think it’s the hair that’s making you look old…” my son commented today. “I am getting old. I don’t think it’s the hair that’s making me look old,” I responded. Via the old Daily Post Photo Challenge #153: Selfie

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This is my first entry for Carol’s Cheerful Selfie Challenge Number One! This is me at forty-something. Greying hair. Glasses. Trying to get that selfie angle to disguise a double chin for vanity. We were in the middle of Dartmoor in Devon. Climbing its hills that seemed to roll on forever. It was a windy, […]

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Project 2020: Week #5

Walking to our flat from a doctor’s appointment, I give my husband a quick call. We talk. “Hey, did anything come in the mail for me today?” I ask towards the end of our conversation. “Yes…” “Yay!! It’s a scarf. A red scarf with white sheep on it!!” I spotted it on Amazon a couple […]

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The things you find

Look what I found for $4 at a local Op Shop! It’s a golden cat handbag! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I know. I know. We are headed to London and the last thing we need is more stuff to cart across the globe. But it’s a cute […]

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