Cooking up a Korean feast soon

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked for friends. Even longer since I’ve cooked Korean. Usually it’s my husband who cooks for guests. But this time he asked if I could cook a few Korean dishes. I have planned my menu. Japchae (noodles). Bulgogi (marinated bbq beef and pork). Dakjjim (chicken stew). The thing about... Continue Reading →

Un-Pho-gettable soup

Oh my goodness. How good is Vietnamese noodle soup?! Love a hearty bowl of pho. Especially when the broth is delicious. It’s something we took for granted living in Sydney. There was a delicious place just up the street and around the corner from our home. The small space would be packed with people every... Continue Reading →

I’m bringing pastries!

Hello! I hope you are all well. I’m popping over to Su’s at Zimmerbitch for her monthly virtual tea party today. Why don’t you join us? Post a photo of what you’ll bring and link to Su’s corner of the internet, then explore what others have brought to the party. Su is a lovely host... Continue Reading →

We celebrated Chuseok and ate Korean

It was Chuseok on the 1 October. The mid-autumn festival is also known as the moon festival in other parts of the world. My husband was working. But I managed to drag my son out for dinner at a Korean restaurant. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Food! Glorious food!

I've been cooking more for the family since we moved to London from Sydney. We signed ourselves up to a weekly meal kit that arrives with all the ingredients. Once a week a box full of fresh vegetables, spices and meats arrive at our door step. All I need to do is follow the cooking... Continue Reading →

An afternoon walk around London

Our family walked around London last weekend. There was no particular reason for the walk. Just a desire to explore this massive, ancient city. It is difficult to believe this incredible place has now become our stomping ground for a while. A simple train ride takes us into the heart of a vibrant, modern city... Continue Reading →

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