Thank you!

“In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”Dietrich Bonhoeffer Grateful. What a perfect prompt to end the month-long daily Discover prompts! I am so very grateful to the WordPress editors who carefully curated each prompt throughout... Continue Reading →

Hard to focus

The rain on the window makes it hard to focus on the street outside. After days of glorious sunshine, the rain came today. They say it will stay for the week. It should make me more focussed on life inside our small flat. But I find my mind wandering to better days and bluer skies.... Continue Reading →

Just a larger team

I found this billboard on our walk around our neighbourhood today. What is community if not a larger team? One that includes all who inhabit that group and hopefully lets them participate and contribute to its functioning. “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” Helen Keller Discover Prompts #27: Team

Enchanting mornings

The beach was only a thirty minute drive from my home in the leafy green suburbs of the lower North Shore. We lived in a small apartment block overlooking a park. We knew most of our neighbours. V. and L. on the ground floor. J. and D. and their two children just below us. Our... Continue Reading →

That magic elixir

I introduced our son to this classic when he was eight years old. We spent an afternoon at Chatswood library and spotted the book in the comics section. I enjoyed the series when I was growing up and thought a bit of rebellion and bad puns were exactly what our young boy needed. The story... Continue Reading →

Note to self

Dear Aggie, I've jotted down a few helpful tips to keep you in good stead for the next few years. You've survived the past few decades with some drama and a lot of love. And I thought it was time to remind you of some lessons you've learned along the way. 1. If you eat... Continue Reading →

My own beat

She hasn't gone away. She's grown a little older and life has taught her a few things. But that girl who danced for the sheer joy of it is still here somewhere. Look beyond the middle aged spread, the white hair and fine lines on my face. She is still there somewhere. Dancing to her... Continue Reading →

Not for me, thank you.

It appeared one day in our living room. A brand new black Yamaha piano with pristine white keys and a beautiful sound. I didn't know it was going to be my enemy for more than a decade. I was four when my piano lessons began. I had no interest in playing music. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the music

The double bass he played has gone. He has been concentrating on his cello since he started high school. Our son said he liked it better. It took about a term and a half for us to hire a cello from his new school. It was a touch big for him when he started. I... Continue Reading →

Not a crowd

We were once a pairOur lives then changed foreverHe our much loved sonFamily of threeWe are travelling the worldTo see, learn and growHome is where we areSafe in each other's embraceSo much love for now Discover prompts #19: Three

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