My Superpower

All the quirks you’ve spent years trying to hide, they are actually your superpowers; they’re what set you apart. They don’t make you better. They don’t make you worse. They make you you, and only you can be that. Oliver Stark, Actor I don’t want to fly. I don’t want super human strength. I definitely […]

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A Place To Call Home

Home. It’s more than a place to shelter and sleep. It is a place where we are accepted for who we are and can feel like we belong. I think we all need one. I think it’s part of our human condition to long for one. So imagine if you were one day forced to […]

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5 Life Lessons

Life is all about lessons and learning from them. It sounds like a trite cliché, but I do wish I knew in my teens what I know now. I’ve compiled not one, but five hard won wisdom that I think everyone can benefit from. It’ll get rather messy if you open a Coke can after […]

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Overcoming a challenge

I struggle with my emotions. They enrich my life, but there are times when they can be terrifyingly strong and dangerous. Especially when they’re not based on anything real. They scream terror when there is no need for it. They can catch a passing thought and veer from intense love, to anger, to joy and […]

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One fine ordinary day

Ordinary. My ideal day looks like any other ordinary day. Preferably a Saturday. Back in Australia it started with a sunrise walk by the beach with friends. They did it for exercise. I really did it for the amazing light, their company and the açai bowl waiting for me at the end. We talk and […]

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Love them to bits. They can express things quickly in ways words can’t. 😁 is my favourite. But there is also 🥰 and 🥳 and 👍. And let’s not forget these 🙌 and 👏. We used to have quite a capable foreign minister back in Australia with a flair for emoji use. Although it did […]

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To live boldly

boldly/ˈbəʊldli adverb in a confident and courageous way; showing a willingness to take risks. in a way that is characterised by having a strong, vivid, or clear appearance The Oxford English Dictionary I think living boldly means to live courageously. Not to cower in fear at every life decision, but to take opportunities as they […]

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False assumptions

Some people think I am better at maths than I am at English. I wish I was, but I’m rubbish at maths. I’ve also surprised someone by my lack of an “accent”. He was genuinely impressed I spoke English so well. Some people also accuse me of being a super competitive tiger mum. I recognise […]

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About my writing

For those following Nomad Online’s #bloganuary journey, the team at asks today what we like most about our writing. My writing is neat. Unless I’m rushed it’s usually legible. I like that. Penmanship aside, I don’t know what I like about my writing. I’m not sure if I have an original way of phrasing […]

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He makes me laugh

He’s a smart man, my husband. He likes to remind me of it often. He’s a kind man too. Don’t let the grumpy old man routine fool you. I love the way he makes me laugh. No matter how mad I get or frustrated I feel, he has a knack of making me smile with […]

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Courage. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a big show. Sometimes it’s in the small decisions we make every day either to stand up for an ideal or to act with integrity. Courageous people inspire me. They’d rather do what’s right than what’s easy. And sometimes that’s enough. The winged figure on top isn’t Eros. […]

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