Between sand and sky

Between sand and sky is the sea. This picture was taken long ago at a far away beach back in Australia. For Becky’s October Past Square and the old Daily Post Photo Challenge for June 20, 2014: Between


Those who follow Project 2020 will recognise this image. The picture was taken one Sunday a few weeks ago. The old Daily Prompt asked us to look at focus. So I had fun giving these flowers a new filter using Hipstamatic. The “true” image taken on my phone, warts and all, is below. Via the... Continue Reading →

Love and other failings

I am proud today. I know. I've got to watch it. But I couldn't help the emotion ballooning. Our son didn't win a medal. He didn't bring home an A for his homework. BUT Our son's cello teacher told us that he was a good student and that he had potential. Now that he has... Continue Reading →

Future Tense

This was my last sunrise beach walk before we moved to London. Who knew what the future held for me and my family. Via the Daily Post Photo Challenge #107: Future tense

The hairdresser I didn’t know I needed

It was a phone app that led me to her. It collected information on hairdressers, beauty salons, nail parlours in the neighbourhood and rated their service. Y's name popped up and customers seemed to like her. I took the plunge, zapped over some money and booked the appointment. "Hello sweetie," she cheerfully greeted me on... Continue Reading →

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