Beyond the gate

Featured image by Jonny Gios on Unsplash I wonder if I should ask him to check his bags one last time. Just to make sure he has everything. But the words stick in my throat. I know he is ready to go. The big wide world, with its adventures and heartbreak, is waiting for him.... Continue Reading →

Springtime and sunshine

It was a golden afternoon. The sun was out and the air was warm. It was 15 degrees outside but it felt too hot for coats. We were walking to get groceries for dinner. And the day was beautiful. The winter in lockdown felt long. And it was so lovely to feel the weather turn... Continue Reading →

Project 2020: Week #1

31 December 2019 They have poetry on their trains here. This one accompanied us home on New Year's Eve. We tried to see in 2020 at Westminster. But we changed our minds when we saw fresh vomit on the roads and rowdy people who had a bit too much to drink. I knew it was... Continue Reading →

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