The Temple of Heaven in Beijing was completed in 1420. It has survived many troubled times and is standing today. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. It was the place where my purse was stolen, and it was the place where, more remarkably, the police found it again. Via the Daily Post […]

Student refuses to sit to save an asylum seeker on the plane

Elin Ersson. Her story came up on my social media feed last week. Major news networks picked up her live-stream video protest and blasted it across cyberspace. By now it has travelled the globe and been viewed by thousands of people. She is a student at Gothenburg University, Sweden. On Monday, 23 July she boarded a plane […]

“I wanted to do something in my spare time that would be of some use”

There is a fire fighter in Pakistan, who, for the past 30 years, has been teaching Islamabad’s poorest children how to read and write. His name is Mohammed Ayub. His students know him as Master Ayub. “My family were staying in the village and I was here in the city alone, so I wanted to […]