Going to see Come From Away

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Spent it wandering the streets of Soho with family. Mum and dad have come over from Tasmania. It’s been lovely to spend time with them! For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

The Platinum Jubilee

It’s the start of the Jubilee long weekend! There is a feeling of celebration in the air. We went into the city with friends and headed for Soho. There is a small restaurant that does amazing noodle soups. Their dumplings aren’t bad either. The buntings were out and waving in the breeze. We even caught... Continue Reading →

I am missing my democracy sausage

It was Election Day in Australia this weekend. For those who haven’t experienced it, there is a sense of community during this time. As the polling booths open, you’ll see schools or local charities fundraise for their cause by cooking up sausages and selling them to those waiting to vote. It’s a great day where... Continue Reading →

It was a big sky day

It was a warm day. I could feel spring coming. I walked out to the Common, sat at a bench, and had an early lunch while enjoying the view. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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