Made me laugh

Me: What do you think? I'm thinking of buying a fashionable face mask.Him: Mum, they say only painters' masks give appropriate protection.Me: Well, it's to protect other people from our germs too.Him: We're not sick. Plus they say it doesn't work when you have facial hair, so that rules you completely out.Me: Go away. I... Continue Reading →

At the Mary Quant Exhibition

Me: Come on. Let's not waste today. Let's get out of the house. Let's go and see something different.Him: But mum, I just want to stay home watching YouTube videos and playing computer games.Me: Nope. Not an option. My husband bought me a membership to the Victoria and Albert Museum last Christmas. It gave me... Continue Reading →

What on earth is modern art?

Him: Mum can we go now? I don’t understand this and I feel like my brain is going to malfunction. Me: You’re not supposed to understand it. You’re supposed to engage with it visually and let the image wash over you. Him: No. You are supposed to get the information from the image. Not by... Continue Reading →

He is almost here!

"You can’t trust the media. They will always tell you bad things," our 12 year old told me one night. "No they don’t," I defended. "Seriously mum. Would you be interested in a story of dogs playing with butterflies or some war somewhere that is killing millions of people?" "Dogs playing with butterflies." "No you... Continue Reading →

Waiting for the movie to start

Me: Come on. Let’s go. Things to do. Movies to see. Him: Mum I’m on holidays. You’re not supposed to move when you’re on holidays. I managed to drag him off the couch and push him out the door without too much fuss. It was a cute movie. For Debbie's Six Word Saturday!


I went to a combined public school music concert last week. Our son was playing the cello this time. Not the double bass. At the final day of rehearsal, our boy forgot to take his instrument to school. He said he had to sit there and just listen. We were both a little nervous on... Continue Reading →

It was Mother’s Day

It was a lovely day for me yesterday. Busy. But one that made me grateful for my son and his father. They spent Friday afternoon after school walking the shops looking for the perfect present for me. Our son gave it to me as soon as he woke. The sun was rising outside and staining... Continue Reading →

We often go to the gallery

I took him to the 19th Sydney Biennale. He was seven years old. Me: There's a wall full of nudes here sweetheart. They're beautiful but I'm not sure how you'd... Son: It's ok mum. I know not to laugh. I take our boy to the Art Gallery of NSW often. He used to love spending... Continue Reading →

When things seem perfect…

My blog post, Jacaranda Season, was published recently in an anthology. A project of the bookstore and social enterprise LOST IN BOOKS, the journal collected works from 21 different local artists from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, many in their heart language. It's called Arrival. It is LOST IN BOOKS' first publication. And according to Creative Director Jane Stratton, the... Continue Reading →

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