Superheroes and their special powers

We’re at the Art of the Brick exhibition. It’s a while ago, during the school holidays. We’re weaving through the crowds, looking at intricate lego models of heroes and villains. I turn and ask our boy, “What would you rather be? A superhero or their sidekick?” He responds, “The sidekick I think…” The sidekick is usually a […]

The Supermoon

Can you see it? It’s there in the distance between the buildings. A faint white ball rising through a cloudy sky. It was taken last year, on the 14th of November. All morning the radio was full of talk about it. The Supermoon. It was going to be the largest moon in almost 70 years […]


His father asks him to take the rubbish down to the bins. “But I did that yesterday,” our ten year old reminds his dad. “I know,” he shoots back. “You did a great job. So I’m asking you to take it down again today.” The boy thinks for a minute, then asks solemnly, “How do […]