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Getting ready for a winter sleepout!

Sleeping bag is packed

I am participating in a fundraiser tonight for a day centre that cares for the homeless in the heart of London.

For one night, participants will sleep out in the cold to get a taste of what some men and women have to deal with every night.

It’s going to get bitterly cold.

I went to a camping store to get a subzero temperature worthy sleeping bag for the event tonight. I told the lovely young woman working there why I needed it.

Not only did she give me an extra 20% off the sale price, she said she was interested in supporting shelters like the one I was supporting!

So I invited her to the event.

She said she will try to come after work with her sister who is also definitely interested in supporting the homeless in London.

If you are the praying kind, please pray that she and her sister will come and have a helpful time listening to the testimonies of people who have been supported by the day centre.

I am so so encouraged by soft hearts in this huge city.

God bless them all!

Me getting ready for tonight!

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