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I was today years old when…

I recently found out the name of my favourite cake.

I discovered this cake some time ago in Seoul and had always thought it was from that country. For years I had thought I’d only find this cake in that bustling city, until I saw it in a Korean café in a nearby suburb in Sydney. It was a happy day for me.

Then we moved to London. And I gave up all hope of ever eating my favourite cake again.

It was only after I described this cake for yesterday’s bloganuary prompt that a fellow blogger, who worked as a chef, kindly shared its name.


That’s what this delicious cream filled strawberry cake was called.

It’s French. It derives its name from the French word for strawberries, fraise. Some place the origin of this cake from 1860 France. A deep dive into the internet also brings up the name Gaston Lenôtre, who some state created the modern Fraisier in the 1960s.

The traditional Fraisier cake has loads of fresh strawberries, mousseline cream, sandwiched between two layers of fluffy Genoese sponge. The asian variety however uses Chantilly cream for a lighter texture. And replaces the strawberries with other local fruits. Which also explains the fantastic watermelon cake I’ve had in the past.

A small watermelon cake I often ate in Sydney

So how did this amazing cake get to Seoul?

Baked goods were pretty much non-existent in the country until quite recently. Some say French cakes burst onto the culinary scene in that city in 1988, when Hur Young-in opened the first Paris Baguette (a bakery chain) in South Korea.

What ever way it happened, I’m so glad it did. Because my tastebuds fell in love with the Fraisier I had there.

A little knowledge can also be a powerful thing. Now that I know the name, I am planning on going on a Fraisier cake hunt here in London.

I’m sure in this amazing global city there’s bound to be both the traditional French as well as the Asian variety.

I can’t wait to find out!

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

For Bloganuary – Day 29. What is something you learned recently?

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