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Oh happy day

Until that moment, I had never felt joy like it.

The church doors opened. I saw my soon to be husband down that aisle and my heart exploded.

“Remember this,” I told myself. “Remember this and don’t let it fade.”

I wished I could have bottled the feeling so that I could take it out on sad days, tough days, to remind me what pure happiness felt like.

The months leading up to my wedding were fraught with tension. I was marrying outside my race and culture. My parents were so worried.

Out of sheer stubbornness I kept going with my wedding plans. I was not going to turn. I endured the arguments. I stood my ground.

When I’d feel the terror I’d tell myself I was marrying a good man. A kind man. A man who new suffering and how to endure. Someone who God put in my path.

I knew I was doing the right thing. Even though I was too stressed to feel anything other than fear.

But on that day – that blue sky day filled with sunshine – I saw him down at the other end of the church, and I felt waves of relief and pure joy.

I was his. And he was mine. And from that moment on, I felt nothing was going to change that.

I wasn’t going to travel this life alone. From here on in, he was going to be next to me. Through the good times and the storms. God willing.

And I was so very happy.

Featured image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

For Bloganuary – Day 17. Describe the happiest day of your life.

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January 2023
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