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A billion dreams

If I suddenly received a billion dollars, the first thing I’d do is purchase a modest home in London.

Three bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Enough room for a functional dining table and a living room where guests can sit comfortably. I’ll need access to a small outdoor area. My husband likes to BBQ in the summer and my son loves plants.

I’ll also make sure there is enough for my son’s university education. College can be expensive.

Then I’d help out our church with its renovation project. Get someone in to paint the peeling walls. Make sure the kitchen and heating is working properly. And it would be lovely to renovate the toilets.

I love our church. There are a lot of kind and welcoming people who attend there. The preaching is faithful to scripture. And there are some talented musicians who help lead worship. There is a great desire to serve others and to help make known the love of Jesus to our community and beyond.

But, our building needs work.

With what’s left, I’d love to set up a Foundation or a Trust that helps empower others to change the world for the better.

Need seed funding for a food bank in your community? Send me a proposal. I’ll see how I can help!

Need money for your social enterprise that sells products to support projects overseas that create a better future for thousands? I’m there. Here’s my money. Go, change the world.

Have an idea to help reduce knife crime in your community through the power of forgiveness? I am intrigued. Tell me how I can meet your needs with financial support.

I will spend spend spend that billion dollars until it’s gone. And in its place, I pray I will see a flourishing of good things. Of lives changed and hope restored. Of better futures and thriving communities. All for God’s glory.

If only dreaming about this could make it true…

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

For Bloganuary – Day 13. If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

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