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Hello 2023

It’s almost two in the morning. We’re back home after spending a lovely night at a friend’s place greeting the new year.

Here’s to a happy 2023.

May it be full of joy, rich friendships, adventure, hope and love.

I started something new in 2022. I moved from a job I loved to a more demanding, but no less worthwhile one.

I wanted to see first hand how God was working in London. Tell a different story closer to home. And it’s been wonderful to see that He is good everywhere and always. Even when all hope seems lost.

Thank you for dropping in from time to time to see my contribution to Debbie’s Six Word Saturdays and various other responses to challenges and prompts.

Really enjoyed Rebecca’s poetry challenges too on Fake Flamenco! Thank you for hosting those Rebecca 😁

I’ve also really appreciated your thoughts and encouragements on this little part of cyberspace. For engaging with my writing. Some over many years. You know who you are.

(I know there are so many who’ve dropped in from time to time, but Rust Belt Girl, Still Restless Jo, Brilliant Viewpoint, Lightness Traveling, I’d specifically like to thank you!)

I’ve been more irregular in my posts in 2022. Not like the early days when I posted three times a week like clockwork.

I guess blogging mojo does come and go over time. I do miss Zimmerbitch and Becky B though. They’re blogs I’ve followed for a while. I do hope 2023 will be kind to them wherever they are.

Anyway, just wanted to say, as this clock ticks over to almost three in the morning, that it’s been lovely spending time with you.

Thank you for your interest and kindness in 2022. And here’s to a richly rewarding 2023.

Let’s use the good silver, eat that cake, live now and be grateful for it.

Happy new year everyone.

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