Sunrise in the heart of London

It was a golden sunlit morning. Bright with a hint of warmth. I couldn’t help stopping to capture the moment on my phone. I was heading to my new work place. It was my first day at my new job. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Wonderfully delicious dumplings, all for me!

Felt utterly decadent that Saturday. I had a craving for dim sum and headed into Chinatown to eat all four dishes by myself! Not to mention a mango pudding dessert.🍨 Washed all the beautiful goodness down with chrysanthemum tea. Delicious! Life feels pretty good after a great meal… For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

Remembrance Sunday 2022

The poppy I forgot to wear to church this morning It was a beautiful autumn day. Mild and sunlit. I walked out of our local coffee shop after my morning coffee and breakfast muffin to catch the local parade. Service men and women marched alongside school children and old veterans. A few people clapped their... Continue Reading →


… and redemption. It’s an ancient story of hope and forgiveness. But it starts with acknowledging we’re flawed. It starts with understanding our sin before God. For Debbie’s One Word Sunday

New horizons. New challenges.

I start a new job in two weeks. I've had the most wonderful time at my current workplace. I've really enjoyed working to tell their stories of hope and transformation. It's been a privilege to wake up each morning, open my laptop, and write about faithful staff, caring pastors, and generous supporters from across the... Continue Reading →

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