Is being teased for an “ethnic” school lunch a thing of the past?

A young boy is sitting behind a plate of food. He has the cutest grin! Photo was taken by Jon Haley on Unsplash The following story came up on my social media feed. And encouraged me to post the following response elsewhere. This made me a little emotional. Growing up in regional Australia where... Continue Reading →

They cleaned off the tomato soup

Last week, two climate change protesters threw the contents of two cans of tomato soup on this Van Gogh painting. They also glued themselves to the wall. It was thankfully clean when I visited the National Gallery yesterday. The only evidence the protesters was the slight change in the wall colour where they painted over... Continue Reading →

At the incredible Palace of Versailles

The pictures don’t do it justice. It was my second time there. I was five years old when I first played in these gardens and walked the palace rooms. I don’t remember it being so lavish and beautiful. Only remembered that my legs ached from all the walking. For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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