Hello Paris!

After many years of waiting I finally made it to Paris!

It was a day trip with my husband, son, and my favourite in laws.

I had wanted to visit this remarkable city for years! My first visit was in 1981. I was about five years old.

I hardly remembered a thing and desperately wanted to go back. I was so excited this morning as we made our way there!

It was a big, gorgeous city. And we met some kind people along the way.

A young man with glasses and fuzzy blond hair saw us struggling to find the right ticket machine at Gare du Nord. He stopped to show us the way and wished us good luck.

It was a small kindness we appreciated very much.

Then there was the lovely young woman with pink tipped hair and ripped jeans at the toilets around the corner from Notre Dame Cathedral.

A tip. If you’re in Paris please take some €1 or €2 coins with you. There are public toilets around but you need to pay to get in. And many places don’t take card!

I was in a bit of a predicament when I met this young woman. Desperate for the toilet but with no cash on me I was about to beg the attendant with my poor, broken French to let me in.

That’s when this young lady came out of the turnstiles, walked a few metres before doubling back and slapping something in my hand. It was a €2 coin.

I could have kissed her! I thanked her profusely instead with relief pouring out of me. She grinned and walked away.

I don’t care if people say the French are rude. I met a couple of strangers who went out of their way to help a visitor in their city.

There are kind people here. And their Paris is beautiful.

We had lunch at a small café on the avenue des champs élysées. We walked over to the Arc de Triomphe, went to its top and admired the impressive view.

We then took a bus to the famous Eiffel Tower. And we rested under its tree lined streets before heading to Notre Dame Cathedral and its surrounding area to find some dinner.

After a full day of walking and drinking in the sights, we headed back to the station and left this beautiful city.

Until next time, Paris! See you again soon.

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