Beyond the gate

Featured image by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

I wonder if I should ask him to check his bags one last time. Just to make sure he has everything. But the words stick in my throat. I know he is ready to go. The big wide world, with its adventures and heartbreak, is waiting for him. And just like that, with one final wave, he leaves his father and me to fill in our days.

Feel pain. Laugh hard. Go

through that open door. Life is

there to be made yours.

For Rebecca’s August 2022 poetry challenge

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  1. A new Chapter begins. I did that a few years ago with my daughters. Now, they are late 20s, that’s another Chapter in life. It’s seems we get used to the way things are and suddenly they change, a boyfriend or a new job — something and we have to keep adjusting. LOL

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      1. I think as mother’s when children leave, we feel we have lost our job, our purpose. We go from one day being their advisors, reminding them to do homework, clean room, etc. to the next day, roaming the house with no purpose and the feeling of not being needed anymore. Oh, they will need us… but we go through a period where their life is becoming exciting / challenging and they want to navigate it on their own and we MUST let them do this. SIGH, we ALL go through this. So, we have to find a NEW purpose in life. It’s the cycle of life. 🙂

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      2. Yes, I suggest you start doing things for yourself. If there is something you’ve always wanted to do – paint, sculpt, garden, etc., do it. My friends did not tell me that the first few months they are gone, everything is so new to them, that I did not hear from them much. Also, things might not be perfect at school, they don’t normally tell us that either, so they might be sad. Roommates, meeting new friends – it’s not ALL fun, it can be heart breaking if people aren’t nice. So, send him nice messages, in America they go to Starbucks with friends all the time — surprise him with a gift card to a coffee shop. It’s ALL the little things that remind him — YOUR MOM loves you, and is here when you are ready to talk, share or come home for a visit. HE KNOWS THAT, but sometimes they need to be gently reminded. THINK back to when we were young. We went through the same things. I agree, no one told us how lonely and quiet it would suddenly be when kids go off to College. I’m assuming he’s off to College?

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