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My goodness, what an incredible show

We are mad fans of Aaron Sorkin.

My husband and I have loved his work ever since West Wing came into being and made us dream of noble people and a better world.

I also loved studying Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird in high school. Far away from Alabama, in a small city close to Antarctica called Hobart.

We wanted to see this play three years ago. Then a global pandemic hit. And the world and everything in it came to a screeching halt.

A few years later, there we were. Our family was finally at the West End to see Aaron Sorkin’s reimagining of Harper Lee’s work.

I won’t give anything away. But I do want to say it was heartbreaking, funny, and poignant.

It showed how ugly and cruel humans could be. It shouted our collective responsibility to rise above it. To do better.

Our teenage son came along thinking he’d hate it. But he was transfixed in his seat as the play continued.

As we headed home, we talked about the sorry state of the world.

I was able to explain why I tried so hard back home to help fight for the rights of people who had come to our country with nothing but a plea for refuge.

This time my son was old enough to understand. This time, unlike the last time he came face to face with systemic injustice, he was old enough to get mad.

Aaron Sorkin’s play was a brilliant. Do go see it when you get the opportunity.

For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

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