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The following came up on my Facebook feed today. It was an 8 year old memory.

Me: So what are you going to do for your school topic talk this week?
Son: What I would do if I ruled the world.
Me: Oh I see… And what would you do love?
Son: I’d stop all the wars.

Our boy was seven years old.

We must have been watching a news story about a conflict in Gaza at the time.

My husband is a journalist and I worked as a public affairs officer then. So the news was constantly on in our home.

My husband posted in the comments that when our young son found out it was about land, he simply asked:

“Why can’t they share?”

Our boy’s question still makes me catch my breath. I guess it’s because the answer is complicated as it is long and full of pain.

It was our son’s last day of Year 10 today. Studies start getting a whole lot more serious from this point onwards.

Next year his exam results start counting for his future.

I know this. His father knows this. But I wonder if our son has grasped the full implications of this yet.

He’s come home to kick back and relax. Year 11 and GCSE final results are far from his mind.

“Can I take your photo and put it up on social media today?” I ask.

“No. Why??” is his knee-jerk response.

“Well how then will I know today was your last day of Year 10 if I don’t capture it and post it so that I can be reminded of it in years to come???”

“Oh fine…”

Time flies past. I can’t stop it.

I’m just thankful he still humours me.

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