Feeling a little homesick

And with a wave from her balcony from Buckingham Palace, Her Majesty, the Queen drew an epic four day Platinum Jubilee celebration to a close.

It was a fantastic time to celebrate all things British. The buntings were out from Covent Garden…

… to Chinatown!

There were street parties, strawberries and cucumber sandwiches.

And the Queen was at the centre of it all. A person and a symbol of a nation.

I loved it. The tradition. The ceremony. This country’s long and enduring history.

But it was during all this fun, an Australian friend shared a story about the light sculptures at Parrtjima in central Australia. It was a simple post on her Facebook feed.

It was about a local artist, Raelene Ngala Williams, who captures the wind and tells its story through her paintings. There were giant sculptures based on her work throughout the exhibition.

They were beautiful.

It made me long for that big brown land on the other side of the world.

They don’t do much pomp and ceremony there.

Its history is young and ancient at the same time. A multicultural country full of different people groups who sing of unity and togetherness.

Suddenly I missed the summer heat, the blue blue Autumn sky, the purple Jacarandas and the red flame trees in Spring.

I missed the “she’ll be right”s and the “no worries mate”s. The honesty, openness, and quiet integrity.

And I missed the different beaches – all with their own personalities.

Britain is an incredible place. Sophisticated. Full of tradition and history. We’re having a fantastic time in London.

But, today of all days, I missed Australia and all who call that place home.

13 thoughts on “Feeling a little homesick

  1. It’s perhaps good to have a place to long for. It means that your heart still has a sense of “home”. It may be far away, but it’s still there.
    In that way, I’ll admit to just a little envy.
    Good wishes to you!

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    1. Oh Jo! It’s hard isn’t it? We love living in a certain place, yet from time to time there are other places we miss desperately. My husband says that’s a good thing. It means we loved living there too.

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