I am missing my democracy sausage

It was Election Day in Australia this weekend.

For those who haven’t experienced it, there is a sense of community during this time.

As the polling booths open, you’ll see schools or local charities fundraise for their cause by cooking up sausages and selling them to those waiting to vote.

It’s a great day where we all get to have our say on who is running the country.

This is my democracy sausage from the last time I voted.

We still voted in the Aussie election even though we were in London this year. But alas, we missed out on the sausages.

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2 thoughts on “I am missing my democracy sausage

  1. It’s great to hear of people making an outing of going to vote. Too often here, especially for local elections, the polling stations are half deserted and there are certainly no sausages on sale!

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