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I just need a little time

Our boy has recovered from his mild bout of COVID. He was back at his computer when he raised his head and asked me:

Him: Mum can I spend time in central London with my friends next weekend?

“No,” screams my heart. You could hear it from six blocks away. “You’re six years old. You are staying right here where you’re safe, child.”

“Chill out you crazy woman,” says my head. “He’s fifteen and perfectly capable of navigating his way around. You can’t hold him forever. He’s a sensible boy. He’ll be ok.”

H: Mum?


H: Mum?

M: Give me a moment son. I knew this day was coming. I just didn’t realise it was going to be today.

H: You ok?

M: No. I’m freaking out… Can mums tag along too?

H: No.

Of course our boy will need to roam about by himself sooner or later.

Our boy knows his way around. And he’s old enough to test his growing independence.

But London is such a huge city.

His father thinks this is great news. And loves the fact our boy has this incredible place as his stomping ground.

Me, not so much. But I’m letting him go. Because it’s time to start letting go.

This growing up business is stupid.

I took a picture of a poppy in full bloom and filtered it using the Hipstamatic App.

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