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Positive test results

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Our son tested positive for covid at the end of January. He had a runny nose and some body aches, but no fever or cough. We didn’t think much of it until his lateral flow test turned up with two lines — a sign that meant he’d contracted covid.

We were extremely worried. Until we saw how lightly the illness touched our boy. These were the covid symptoms you’d want if you had to have covid. He’s been having a grand time in front of his computer for the past five days or so.

His father and I are fine also. Although I’ve been feeling rather unwell, our tests keep coming up negative. For that we’re incredibly grateful. I guess it means both our booster jabs are working.

Our boy has been fully vaccinated as well. And that’s why he has next to no symptoms.

On another “positive” note, our son’s geography teacher just emailed us to congratulate our boy on the great result he achieved on his recent exam. This was news to us.

Our child tells us so very little about what’s going on in his life outside our home. We didn’t even know he was doing a geography exam, let alone know what mark he achieved.

His dad: Hey, well done on your geography exam results. Your assistant head teacher just emailed us. Looks like you have a bit of pressure to maintain your marks now.

Our son: Cool.

Cool. That was it.

Even up to a year ago he’d come waving his results telling me I had to watch a Warhammer battle report with him. Who knew even those days would pass?

Me: Hey, does that mean I need to watch a battle report?

Our son: Nope. It means you need to play Magic the Gathering with me.

Me: Oh no.

Our son: That’s ok. We don’t have to play today. I know you’re not well.

Me: Thanks. I’ll feel better tomorrow. We can play then.

Somewhere between fourteen and fifteen years old my son matured enough to think of others before his own wants without getting too upset. I don’t know how or when this happened. But it’s been nice to see.

I hope one day he’ll let us in more, so we can share in his triumphs and losses. I hope he knows he’ll always have us when he needs support, that we’ll always be his mum and dad even when, God willing, he’s grown and has a family of his own.

I guess until then, I’ll just need to play Magic the Gathering with him. Tomorrow.

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