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I like being alone. Sometimes.

I do my best work in solitude. I usually don’t have to go searching for it. Especially since the pandemic and we all started working from home.

My son goes to school. My husband leaves for work. I’m left alone in our London flat to sit in front of the computer to write stories for work for the rest of the day. All I need is a cup of black coffee and maybe an almond croissant from our local French bakery. Bliss.

By the time my son and husband come back, I’m ready to interact with them and the world again.

There are times when a crowd of people gets too much and I have to leave. I usually head home. The public transport ride in silence with strangers or the walk back is enough time on my own to recharge me with energy and courage to face people again.

When I was at school, I loved lunchtimes. I would escape to the library and look at books on my own. Spending time by myself far away from playground politics for which I had no stomach nor skill was wonderful.

If I ever get desperate for solitude, I’d probably go for a short walk. But those times are so rare, I can barely remember the last walk I had on my own.

For bloganuary. Where do you go when you need solitude?

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January 2022
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