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An Unforgotten Dream

I remember a vivid dream. I dreamt it many years ago.

I was walking through a lush garden. In the dim light the trees and shrubs seemed to glow a vivid green.

Running through the garden was a small stream that ended in a glittering pond. In that pond were koi of different colours. I could see flashes of white and orange swimming beneath the surface.

In the distance, there was an oriental bridge connecting one bank to the other.

The scene was beautiful. Filled with shining, dancing, sparkling light. I couldn’t help feeling like I had walked into a magical place.

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The dream was so exquisite, it came up in conversation when I called my mother the next day for a chat.

She said I had dreamt a tae-mong. A conception dream.

In Korean culture, the mother of the baby or close family member can dream something about the child in the lead up to that baby’s birth. The dream often reveals the sex of the child. Some dreams can even point to good omens or the child’s destiny.

“Sounds like the baby is going to be a girl,” my mother mused.

“How do you know that?”

“Usually one large animal signifies a boy. Lots of animals mean it’s likely to be a girl,” she explained.

A few weeks later, across the globe in Hong Kong, my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

For bloganuary. Write about a dream you remember.

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