A cherished photo

I shared this image on this blog in 2018 under the title Beloved. But the image is much older than that. It was taken back when Instagram still had borders.

It’s an image of my husband and son. Taken one perfectly ordinary evening. We were walking to an ice cream store near our home to get some dessert after dinner.

Our boy was talking away and my husband was patiently listening. It’s one of my most cherished memories of two people I love very much.

I’ve taken so many photos on my phone over the years. Thousands. But I still remember and love this one.

I guess it’s because the moment will never come our way again. A passing moment I’ve somehow captured to help me remember there was once a time we were the whole world to a little boy.

We still go on walks as a family. Although they walk much faster than me these days. Our little boy is not so little. He’s a teenager now on the cusp of becoming a young man.

The love’s still there though. The talking, not so much.

For #bloganuary. What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

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