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One fine ordinary day

Ordinary. My ideal day looks like any other ordinary day. Preferably a Saturday.

Back in Australia it started with a sunrise walk by the beach with friends.

They did it for exercise. I really did it for the amazing light, their company and the açai bowl waiting for me at the end.

We talk and laugh as we share our lives in that easy way friends do. Time ticks by. We finish our coffees and head home.

There is time. It stretches unhurriedly along on this perfect ordinary Saturday as I drive back to my family.

Sunday will be busy. Most of that day will be taken up at church. It’ll feel like a joyous start to the working week.

But Saturdays are free.

There’s no appointment to keep. No Saturday sport or music commitments for my son. The day is free for possibilities.

Here in London my ideal day is still Saturday. It just looks different to my time in Sydney.

I find myself tucked away in bed. Warm and cosy against the cold, dark winter morning. Sleeping in just because I can.

But I’m only waiting for the sun to rise.

London is at my doorstep. Culture, history and adventure awaits. There are places to visit. Things to see. I’m not going to stay in bed for long.

For #bloganuary. What does your ideal day look like?

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January 2022
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