False assumptions

Some people think I am better at maths than I am at English. I wish I was, but I’m rubbish at maths.

I’ve also surprised someone by my lack of an “accent”. He was genuinely impressed I spoke English so well.

Some people also accuse me of being a super competitive tiger mum. I recognise that desire to push my son to do better, but I’m not a tiger parent. Not really.

They haven’t seen what real tiger parents do. If they have, they’ll know I’m not one.

I am, however, an ordinary driver.

For #bloganuary. What do people incorrectly assume about you?

7 thoughts on “False assumptions

  1. That’s such a beautiful portrait of you, Aggie. As for assumptions, once I had kids, sometimes when people would find out that I write, they’d assume I write children’s books. (My guess is that male writers who become dads don’t get asked that as much–but that’s just an assumption, too!)

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  2. I think people are taken aback with my ability to be serious or to have a deep thought. Probably because I am always goofing around.
    I think people may think I am a reckless driver because I play my car stereo really loudly, but I always drive under the speed limit and I am not ashamed to use my directional!

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