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For those following Nomad Online’s #bloganuary journey, the team at WordPress.com asks today what we like most about our writing.

My writing is neat. Unless I’m rushed it’s usually legible. I like that.

Penmanship aside, I don’t know what I like about my writing. I’m not sure if I have an original way of phrasing things or if the words I put together are particularly beautiful.

All I know is I try to make my writing mine.

It’s hard work.

I’d like to think my writing is honest. But there are times when I want to hide behind fancy words and other people’s ideas. And there are times when I’m too chicken to be honest.

I try too hard. Sometimes I don’t try hard enough. There are times the words feel right and true. And there are times they are tinny and hollow.

It’s hard work making words your own. But I think I like it like that.

A friend once told me to just keep writing. That we all get better through practise.

I guess I like that my writing is like me, a constant work in progress.

For bloganuary. What do you like most about your writing?

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