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Goodbye Comfort Zone

The last time I left my comfort zone had to be on that flight out of Australia. My son and I were headed to London to meet my husband, his father, who was waiting for us there. We were going to live there for a while.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve moved countries. But it was the first time I was leaving the place I’ve known the longest and the best. After travelling around Asia, my family had finally settled and put down roots in Australia. Hobart, Tasmania to be more specific.

Australia was home for most of my life. And I thought that nomadic time of moving from one country to the next was behind me.

That was until my husband found a job in London and our entire family decided to move to support his career. We also wanted our son to see more of the world.

We said our goodbyes to friends and family and left Sydney on 23 November 2019. We arrived at Heathrow airport on the afternoon of 24 November 2019.

I wondered if we were doing the right thing. It was so hard to leave everyone and everything I’d known so well and loved.

I remember trying to process leaving for London in the lead up to our flight. It was a sad and difficult time.

We had no home when we arrived in this city. We had no friends. My husband had family in the UK, but none in London. All we knew for certain was where our son was going to go to school.

I kept telling myself it was going to be a grand adventure. Encouraging myself to walk through that fear of the unknown.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly things would fall into place or how much we’d love it here.

We found a nice apartment near our son’s school and started to settle. We didn’t know it then, but a few months later, COVID would grip the world and we’d all be locked away in our homes.

Lockdown was difficult, but I got a job I loved during that time. Our son is doing well at school. We found a wonderful community of people at our local church. And we’ve been exploring this amazing country every chance that we get.

Whenever restrictions eased, we’ve been going to galleries, theatres, museums, and restaurants. We’ve travelled out of London to explore grand old cities and university towns.

It’s been an enriching experience and I hope we don’t ever lose the wonder and joy of seeing and learning new things with fresh eyes.

That initial pain of leaving my comfort zone is long gone. And this incredible place is waiting for us to experience it. And we haven’t even made it to the Continent yet! All that is, God willing, still ahead of us.

For the #bloganuary challenge. Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

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