Received a new couch for Christmas

My husband bought me a new couch in the lead up to Christmas!

Well, new for us anyway. It’s a restored second hand chesterfield. We couldn’t afford a brand new one. Or the beautiful super old ones. But I’m delighted with the one we have.

I’m now waiting for the post Christmas sales to get some cushions! Have my eye on some already.

I know in eternity, this earthly joy will be so insignificant and surpassed by the delight and splendour of spending time with God. But, I’m still thankful for the pleasures and comforts He sends our way in this life.

Here’s to the small joys, to friends and family, to beautiful surprises and cosy winter evenings at home.

It’s helpful to remember every good gift comes from Him, including His ultimate gift of Jesus.

I wish you all the very best during this holiday season. May your days be filled with many small pleasures and kind people.

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10 thoughts on “Received a new couch for Christmas

  1. Wow, gorgeous! I love it. Perfect for snuggling up with the family for a movie! Yes, here’s to earthly comforts that remind us of those to come. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing break from work, maybe.

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